Michael V. Mattson was a dedicated family lawyer and mediator who, from 2005 through 2015, invested considerable time and effort preparing his Mattson Memos to ensure the family law community knew about noteworthy cases and statutes. After he closed his office, family lawyers couldn’t review his memos without digging through a decade of emails or faxes. Now, with the blessing of his family and his own "Della Street," Sheryl Carter, they’re available here.

About Michael Mattson, by Sheryl Carter

And, with their blessing, Mike Giel has resumed the Mattson Memos with the Mattson Memos/Giel Files. Each new MM/GF addresses current Florida court decisions and legislation affecting family law—and their implications for your own divorce or modification cases. To ensure you get timely updates, subscribe in the box to the right.

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